With the overnight decline of porn pay sites, more and more adult affiliates start promoting webcams which convert way better thus bring lots of money.

It is well known that the “live sex” term is one of the most searched keywords on the web nowadays and the most successful cam sites are making millions of dollars every day and a big adult sponsor GLOBAL OFFERS has recently announced that they paid over 90 million dollars in commission to their affiliates that promote their cam offers. This is really a big amount of money for any affiliate network.

Early in the 2016 I stopped sending my traffic to traditional porn programs because I decided to give camming a shot and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made.

In the 2019 you can start your own adult webcam site with WordPress even if you do not know any coding whatsoever, you have a tight budget and you are new to this billion dollar industry.

In this post I will show you how you can create a very similar site to Chaturbate without lots of effort in less than a one hour in just four simple steps. Technology have made everything easy for us today.

Set Up Your Adult Cam Site On WordPress

If you do not have any technical skills, lots of time and resources that are necessary to create and maintain a real live site like Cam4 then this post is for you.

Let’s be practical, if you were to start another Chaturbate site then you would need to recruit hundreds of models, do all the promotion, do the SEO, hire coders and designers if you are not professional at coding, you will also have to deal with lots of paperwork and you will need to have a shit ton of money ($100,000 being the bare minimum).

Luckily for you, there are some scripts, plugins that let you create your own cam affiliate site with WordPress for as little as $50 and best of all, you do not have any coding skills or deal with models or any other stuff that might take up lots of your time.

Econfirmpro Plugin makes it extremely easy for anyone to create a network of cam sites in just a few minutes with very minimal technical knowledge and no perspiration.

You will just need to upload this plugin, activate it and choose any theme (either free or premium one) and add your affiliate link from a site that you want to promote and that is it.

What this plugin does is it loads your WordPress database with models, which in plain language means that it automatically populates your website with webcam videos and it will every few minutes update your site with new videos of models that are online and it will remove ones that go offline.

You can see how this plugin works on real websites:

They can also buy scripts like AdultVideoScript that do the heavy lifting for them. Never having to worry about the technical side of your adult website is great. However, the barrier of entry is quite high if you’re just starting out—around $200 USD for the most barebones plan.

This is why the WordPress path is usually favoured. It’s a quite powerful option for adult affiliates on a budget. As an added bonus, the popular content management solution (CMS) offers a ton of flexibility and freedom, two important factors to take into consideration going forward.

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s a truckload of adult websites using WordPress precisely for this reason… because they’re cheap, reliable and super fast to set up.

Interestingly enough, the biggest porn sites in the world avoid most public content management solutions altogether. The reason is simple: they don’t scale well past a certain traffic threshold and put a constant strain on servers. So if you ever make it to the big leagues, prepare to have to upgrade at some point (but trust us, that’s a really good problem to have).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Today, we’re going to give you tips on how to choose a WordPress theme for your adult website so you can achieve kickass results in record time.

New in AVS 7.0

completely recoded for PHP 7 compatibility
smarty engine upgraded to latest version (3.0)
mySQLi extension (MySQL Improved) implemented

Core Features (AVS 1.0)


  •  users can upload videos (more than 20 formats available)
  •  upload progress bar for video uploads
  •  users can view video live (live streaming)
  •  users can comment on videos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
  •  users can flag videos (via ajax)
  •  users can rate videos (via ajax)
  •  users can embed videos
  •  users can share videos (via ajax)
  •  users can view related videos (via ajax)
  •  videos page sorted by timeline, category and type (private/public)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  grab videos from 8 major porn sites
  •  manage videos (delete/approve/suspend/feature/unfeature/edit)
  •  manage video comments
  •  manage spam and flagged videos

Photo Galleries

  •  users can upload photos and organize photos in photo albums (jpg, gif and png)
  •  users can comment on photos (spam protection) (via ajax) (comments ajax pagination)
  •  users can flag photos (via ajax)
  •  users can rate photos (via ajax)
  •  users can share photos (via ajax)
  •  users can view photo album slideshows
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  manage photos and albums (delete/approve/suspend)
  •  manage photo comments
  •  manage spam and flagged photos


  •  users can upload porn games (swf extension)
  •  users can play porn games
  •  users can comment games
  •  users can rate games
  •  users can share games
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  manage games (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
  •  manage game comments
  •  manage spam and flagged games


  •  users can create blogs
  •  users can embed photos and videos on their blog (via ajax)
  •  users can comment blogs (via ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  manage blogs (delete/approve/suspend/edit)
  •  manage blog comments


  •  community page
  •  users have their personal profile page
  •  users can configure what to be listed on their profile page
  •  users can configure what emails to receive
  •  users can invite friends (via ajax)
  •  users can comment on other users profile (via ajax)
  •  users can send messages to other users
  •  users can report other users (via ajax)
  •  users can subscribe to other users
  •  users can edit their profile
  •  users can upload and crop a avatar
  •  users can easily approve/reject friends
  •  users can monitor other users actions (when they upload videos/photos/games/blogs)
  •  user wall
  •  users ordered by gender
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  manage users (add/delete/suspend/edit)
  •  email users (or mass email)


  •  advanced search (users can customize the search results) (via ajax)
  •  users can search videos, photos, games and other users

Admin Blog / Announcements

  •  admins can create a blog / news / announcements section on the website
  •  user can comment on the admin blog / news / announcements
  •  admin can receive emails from visitors through the support / feedback page


  •  category page
  •  for each category, a category cover image can be displayed, or its latest videos (ajax)
Backend (Administration Panel)
  •  manage categories (add/delete/edit)
  •  over 20 advertising spots throughout the website
  •  rotating ads (advertising groups)
  •  pre/post roll video/image/flash ads in the video player
  •  text ads in video player during playback (at the bottom)
Administration Panel
  •  ability to control every aspect of the site
  •  configure mail settings (php mail, sendmail or smtp server)
  •  configure video conversion settings (for SD, HD and mobile)
  •  edit static pages (preview via ajax)
  •  edit email templates
  •  configure video player
  •  limit guest visitors bandwidth / access
  •  system check (check folder permissions and required codecs)
  •  media settings (configure maximum upload size allowed and video formats allowed)
  •  enable/disable photo galleries, games and blogs modules
  •  enable/disable email verification
  •  enable/disable video, games, photo, user comments
  •  select rating by ip or by user
  •  select sessions driver (database/files)
  •  optimized database structure and queries for a super-fast website
  •  clean code (can be easily customized)
  •  secure code (input filtering)
  •  search engine friendly URLs (SEO)
  •  video conversion / encoding done in background processes
  •  smarty template engine with easy template switch from admin panel
  •  multi-language system with language files
  •  spam protection (recaptcha / keycaptcha / areyouhuman integrations, comment anti-flood protection)

Server Requirements

    •  Any Linux OS
    •  Apache or NGINX Web Servers
      • Support for AcceptPathInfo
      • Support for MultiViews (or mod_rewrite which is slower)
    •  MySQL 5.x
      • Recommended configuration:
      • interactive_timeout = 1000
      • connect_timeout = 1000
      • wait_timeout = 1000
    •  PHP 5.x and 7.x (mod_php/CGI)
      • Support for GD2 Library
      • Support for MySQL
      • Support for Curl
      • Support for uploadprogress PHP extension (only if you want to display a progress bar on uploads)
    •  Recommended PHP Configuration
      • safe_mode off
      • open_basedir off
      • max_execution_time 7200
      • max_input_time 7200
      • memory_limit (with 1MB more then the maximum video upload size)
      • post_max_size (maximum video upload size)
      • upload_max_size (maximum video upload size)
      • exec() should be allowed
    •  PHP CLI 5.x (see above + register_argc_argv ON)
    •  FFmpeg (recommended version 3.0+)

amazon AWS EC2 is supported

mencoder, mplayer, flvtool2, mediainfo, mp4box, neroAACencoder and all other server modules used by the older AVS versions are no longer required.



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