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GLOBAL OFFERS is a traffic monetization platform that provides in House Offers for profitable conversion of your dating traffic.

Currently GLOBAL OFFERS works with adult,dating, casual dating & mainstream vertical.

Yes. We pay from 5% of whatever your referral earns. You can find your ref. link above in the “Referrals” section. For further details please contact your affiliate manager.

It’s very easy, you only need to send your dating traffic to our Adult/Dating Offers, and we’ll do the rest.

By default, it is prohibited. If you need more than one account – please, contact your affiliate manager.

GLOBAL OFFERS account can be banned for a number of reasons, such as fraudulent activity, complaints on your traffic, very low quality of traffic.

To change your email address you should contact your Affiliate manager.

We don’t allow using incentive traffic, Chat traffic. If you have any doubts about your traffic source, you can consult with your Affiliate manager.


Uniques – Impressions, associated with a single Internet Protocol (IP) address or computer;
Clicks – amount of clicks by users who passed the pre-landing page and clicked on the offer landing page;
Ratio – conversions per clicks;
Leads – amount of subscriptions;
Epc – earnings per clicks;
Epm – earnings per thousand impressions;
Money – sum of earnings;

GLOBAL OFFERS system works based on the continuous conversion optimization of your traffic in order to maximize your profit. It depends on many variables, such as the quality, type and volume of your traffic. So, the system automatically selects the most suitable offers. Considering the dynamic work of GLOBAL OFFERS smartlink,If you use single offers Non listed countries traffic will be forwarded to Smartlinks. payout rates constantly change. Besides, payout of a separate offer may depend on many factors, including conversion model, GEO, platform, subscription form and the target audience.

Our statistics is being updated in real time. But due to conversion features of PPL model, some offers may have delay in verification of leads.

There are many reasons, that can lead to decrease in your conversion rate. The main ones are: changes in the geography of your traffic, worsening of the traffic quality, untargeted traffic. If you see a drastic decrease in your ratio – please contact your affiliate manager to find the reasons and optimize your offers or to receive recommendations on promoting.


The best converting geos are usually tier-1/tier-2 countries AU, CA, NZ, US & UK. Contact your Affiliate manager for more recommendations.

In GLOBAL OFFERS we provide a powerful system of prelanding pages. If you want to use your own prelanding pages, please contact your affiliate manager.

Contact your affiliate manager to get your parking domain
Create CNAME DNS record with our parking domain in your domain

We have the opportunity to produce various promotional materials exclusively for your traffic (for proven affiliates).

Yes, depending on the volume and quality of your traffic, we have the opportunity to switch it to the most profitable private offers, which at the same time will be more sensitive to the quality of your work.


We pay weekly with no hold period. Payouts go out every Monday (EST-5) for sales generated during the previous week (Wednesday). Our minimum payout threshold is $100 and we normally pay to your PayPal, Paxum or Wire(min $100 2% fee). When you reach the payout threshold for the first time, please contact our support team with your payment details. All further payments will be posted automatically to the same account, according to our schedule and rules.
Please note that we can’t make payout if you have not reached threshold of $100.

We make payments during 3 days from Monday to Wednesday for the last working week. Example: the payment for a week period from the 1st till the 10th of April will be sent to you on April 12th.
New Webmaster paid first Payment NET-15.

The minimum payment amount at GLOBAL OFFERS is $100

Balance is all money you earned but haven’t been paid yet. When the payment has been processed, its amount will be deducted from your balance

“Pending” status of the payment means that it has been formed and sent to the processing line. Then your payment will be sent to your payment details within 48 hours. Typically, this procedure takes no more than a few hours.